Forming and Cutting Stations are very strong, having 90 TONES clamping force. Forming station with 90 TONES clamping force enables cutting in the same station.


Maximum mould area of 930x705mm for maximum number of cavities, speed and production output. The change from Servo to pneumatic plug assist is adjusted from the screen (No mechanical adjustment necessary)


Chain rails are produced of special and very durable alloy which last much longer. All blocks of the machine are made of casting (no welding) and all arms are made of steel casting which last very long time.



CEMAKS has been established as a sister company of Suteks with 38 years of industry experience in 2015. The factory was built to manufacture thermoforming machines with a crew of designers and experienced team with 15 years experince in thermoform design and 35 years in machine design and manufacturing. With high technology and genuine design CEMAKS has been building thermoforming machines for markets worldwide.